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Take any wheel, go anywhere but do not forget to have always the pedals connected to your heart!

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Ciubekka in croce - BIke tour from the holy island to the holy land

I will start my long bike tour on May 31st from Quartu Sant'Elena (Cagliari, Sardinia) to the Holy Land. All charity projects will be listed here below. Please support (not me but others) if you can. Thanks a lot.

Monastic Community
(MA'IN, Jordan)

The monastic community of MA'IN is part of the Little Family of the Annunciation, founded by Giuseppe Dossetti in 1955 in the Church of Bologna.

Meeting Point Arsenal
(Madaba, Jordan)

It was created to be a sign of
meeting and dialogue. It welcomes children and young people with disabilities, Muslims and Christians.

Next Project

There is always some space in everybody's heart. You can (ful)fill it here with the next charity project of your choice.

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