Meeting Point Arsenal - Madaba, Jordan

The name “Meeting Point Arsenal” was chosen to highlight our commitment on bringing together different cultures and religions, able-bodied and disabled people, young and adults. All of this, to search for a real opportunity of dialogue, focusing on the weakest and trying to overcome differences and pursue peace. The name we chose also highlights our commitment on promoting mutual respect between religions and helping people to focus on present difficulties, like disability and material and spiritual poverty, and not on past hardships.

Our Arsenal aims at being a place of profound change and meeting ...

in which people can try to find a meaning to their lives.A place in which love for those who suffer can deeply unite people, beyond any differences.
A place in which everyone can feel loved.
A sisterhood from Sermig, formed by women who worked hard to study Arabic and to acquire the necessary cultural mediation skills, runs the Arsenal and organises its activities.

The Meeting point Arsenal fulfils ...
the prophecy of an ordinary day in which Christians and Muslims live as brothers, respecting their differences and collaborating for a shared goal: their children, especially those more in need.